Larderfresh is passionate about sourcing ingredients from local Victorian farmers and suppliers. 

Larderfresh is dedicated to supporting social enterprises that inspire community organisations and groups to grow and supply seasonal produce when avaliable for all of our products.

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The Parsley Project

In late 2010, Larderfresh pioneered the Parsley Project with BDS, an inclusive and responsive service supporting people with disabilities to explore and contribute to their community. 

We have recently purchased additional planter boxes in partnership with BDS to grow more parsley that will add to our supply for making falafel. These new beds will enable BDS to supply us with more parsley each year.

It’s a project we are delighted to be undertaking because it’s one that brings a sense of pride and community spirit to the lives of people with all abilities.

Farmers’ markets have been around for years and so it’s generally accepted nowadays that collaborative community-based projects are a fundamental component of future food production. The new beds at BDS open up the prospect for them to grow different seasonal produce and supply other businesses.

With the view that the Parsley Project is the first of many such projects, Larderfresh is looking forward to a long-term win-win relationship with BDS.