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Readers please note : our Burger is onion & garlic free, however we do not claim to be fructose free.


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Climbing the larder of success

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Parsley, Trade, Charity & Time


JULY 2011

Parsley Project

Parsley Project Injects Pride & Community-Spirit to Disability Adults

Larderfresh pioneers enterprise project with disabled adults

Members of the Broadmeadows Disability Services have been happily commissioned by Larderfresh in a new enterprise project to grow and supply parsley, as one of the key ingredients in the production of Larderfresh’s Falafel.

The collaboration is the first of it’s kind for the two organisations and has been described as “an inspiring move” by Sarah Robins, Communications Manager at the Victorian Farmers Market Association. Ms Robins commends the projects initiative for it’s entrepreneurial and community-natured spirit, commenting that collaborative community-based projects are a fundamental component of future food production.

Monique Ueckerman from Larderfresh was approached by BDS mid last year following an introduction from a mutual friend from Slow Food and has since formally commissioned the parsley supply agreement. Larderfresh manufactures their products in Preston, sourcing wholesome ingredients from regional farmers and is delighted to be undertaking the project. Monique comments “Our parsley project encapsulates our sourcing policy at Larderfresh – it makes sense to us and it makes me happy that we can offer the BDS Members an opportunity to continue to build their edible garden”.

Barb van den Vlekkert the CEO of BDS is proud of the project and says that “it offers our Members a real and long term opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills of everyday life”. With funds being reinvested to the maintenance and expansion of the edible garden, Ms van den Vlekkert anticipates positively about the prospects of also supplying Larderfresh with fresh coriander.

The ‘Parsley Project’ is a positive collaboration and represents a win all round for BDS, it’s Members, the VFMA and Larderfresh.


About BDS BDS is an inclusive, responsive service supporting people to explore and contribute to their community.


The Herald Sun

On Thursday 18 February 2010, Glen was interviewed by the Herald Sun for their Business Owner section.  Read the article.


Larderfresh Awards

“Harvest Picnic Award of Excellence” for Larderfresh Middle Eastern Style Falafel, February 2006

“Harvest Picnic Award of Excellence” for Larderfresh Pistaschio Nougat with Cranberries, February 2005

“Harvest Picnic Award of Excellence” for Larderfresh Roasted Almond Nougat and Roasted Almond Nougat with Italian Coffee, February 2004