Don’t let the festive season turn you on your head in the kitchen this year, stay on top with Larderfresh’s 5 easy meals on the go to get you through the crazy season.

Select from their delicious falafel or their awe-inspiring roast pumpkin & chickpea burger ideas and you will be on your way to a healthy, quick meal in a few simple steps.

1. Snack on the go – serve heated burger with yoghurt & dill for something different and tasty, toss salad on bed of lemon & oil infused rocket

2. Keep the kids busy – serve heated burger in a tasty bread roll with salad and sauce – fun & healthy

3. Feed a few – platter of falafels, served with flat breads, selection of dips for all-round serve yourself quick & easy dinner solution

4. Falafel salad – serve heated falafel across your favorite salad base – rocket or spinach, complement with fresh tomatoes, crumbled fetta and off you go

5. Tasty crostini – serve heated burger squashed on toasted crostini, drizzle on yoghurt, beetroot relish or dip, garnish with rocket leaves – delicious